Work n Play Software Ltd
Computer Therapy for the rest of us

Fighting with technology?

Don't Panic
WnP may be able to help.

Having problems?

Perhaps your laptop is running slowly. Or you can't figure out how to get an application to do what it is supposed to. Perhaps you just need a hand setting up a home or small business network. Chances are we will be able to get you under way with a minimum of fuss.

Hoping to work smarter?

Maybe you find yourself faced with a tedious or repetitive task and think there must be an easier way. More times than not there is a much easier way of getting the job done. Don't hesitate to call and see if we can devise one for you.

Often the solution simply entails demonstrating how to make the most of the technology already available on your machines with no extra purchases required. Other times it could involve custom database or AppleScript solutions.

Computers are supposedly here to make our lives easier. Work n Play Software aims precisely at that target. Macintosh computers (and associated technologies) have an abundance of powerful features sitting just beneath the fluid interface. We can bring that power to the foreground and help you to be more productive with less effort.
Technology support to help individuals and organisations get the most out of their tech investment